The assets of the occupational pension scheme acquired during marriage are in principle divided equally in the event of divorce or dissolution of a registered partnership, provided no claim (retirement, disability) has been submitted at this time. The following conditions also apply when a registered partnership is dissolved.

Before divorce

On request, we shall be happy to calculate the assets acquired during marriage and draw up an appropriate feasibility declaration for you.

Necessary documents/details

We need the following details from you or your previous pension fund to ensure that our calculations are correct:

  • Date of marriage
  • Vested benefits on the date of marriage
  • Date of initiation of divorce proceedings

Legal provisions

  • Swiss Civil Code (Art. 122 ZGB)
  • Vested Benefits Act (Art. 22 Para. 1 FZG)
  • Code of Civil Procedure (Art. 280 Para. 1 ZPO)

After divorce

When the divorce ruling comes into force, we shall debit your pension assets in accordance with the court’s instructions and transfer the corresponding amount to the pension fund of the divorced partner. This will result in a reduction of the insured retirement benefits, which you can offset in full or in part by voluntary extra contributions until such time as a claim is submitted.

After the divorce (retiree)

Upon receipt of the final divorce decree, we will carry out the implementation in accordance with the court order. 

Foreign court ruling

Foreign divorce rulings are not recognized in Switzerland with regard to pension fund equalization. We require a final judgment from you on the recognition and enforcement of the division of the pension fund assets from the competent civil or pension court in Switzerland.

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