Accident insurance

The compulsory accident insurance covers employees and employers against the financial consequences of occupational and non-occupational accidents and also occupational diseases. The basis of this insurance is the Federal Accident Insurance Act (AIA) and its ordinances.

Actuarial reserve

The occupational pension capital needed to finance the benefits as stipulated in the regulations and calculated according to certain basic actuarial principles.

Adjustment to inflation

Inflation allowances on survivors and disability pensions are provided within the limits of the minimum legal provision under certain conditions. Adjustments of retirement pensions for inflation are guided by the financial possibilities of a pension fund.  

Association fund

A pension fund provided by a (professional or industrial) association for its members, e.g. in the form of a collective foundation.


Legal entity or individual commissioned with the annual review of accounting and business management. The law requires the deployment of a professionally qualified auditor.

Autonomous pension fund

A benefits institution that carries all pension risks itself, i.e. not only the investment and longevity risks related to retirement benefits, but also the insurance cover for the risks of death and disability.