Contribution scale

The regulations of Novartis Pension Funds provide the option of selecting a scale of contributions that is either 2% higher than the Standard Scale and is thus known as the Standard Plus scale or 2% lower, which is known as the Standard Minus scale. In this way, you can influence the level of your later benefits. Your choice of contributions scale does not have any effect on the contributions paid by the employer (Novartis), it remains at "Standard".


A Change of contribution scale can take place at any time. Your selection takes effect the following month (Please return the form by the 12th of any given month).

Change of contribution scale

Level of contributions


Can I change my decision to set the contributions scale to Standard Plus or Standard Minus?

Yes, your decision can be changed again. In principle, this change is possible once a month. Please submit a new form with the corresponding change in your selection.

How long am I tied to the decision to change the contribution scale?

For one month at least.

What disadvantages do I face as a result of a change? Is the adjustment associated with costs?

There are no disadvantages. The adjustment is free of charge.

I am insured in Pension Fund (PF) 1 and Pension Fund (PF) 2. Can I change the contributions scale for just one of the two pension funds?

Yes, you can choose individually and mark the desired PF in the form.

What is the advantage of changing my contributions scale to "Standard Plus"?

You increase your assets for retirement and your purchase potential (voluntary personal purchase).

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