Voluntary purchase

To increase benefits on retirement, you have the option of paying in extra contributions. Benefits in the event of disability and death are dependent on your salary.


Before you can pay in extra contributions, you must make sure that all pension fund assets from previous Swiss employers have been transferred to us. For legal reasons, we also need an appropriate form, which you should complete (just once) and send to us before your first contribution.


Voluntary extra contributions can basically be paid in at any time. You can arrange for payments to be made via your external bank or post office account. Alternatively you may commission us to deduct the desired amount from your staff current account. Once the contribution has been paid in, you will receive a written confirmation from us.


The restrictions on voluntary extra contributions are shown as per reporting date in your personal pension statement. For people moving from abroad, special restrictions apply for the first 5 years spent in Switzerland, which we shall be happy to inform you about before your first contribution. Please note that lump sum withdrawals after voluntary extra contributions are blocked for three years (early withdrawals for funding home ownership, cash disbursements on leaving and lump sum on retirement).

Further information

For information on possible tax advantages of a voluntary extra contribution, please contact the tax authorities in your place of residence or your tax adviser.

Brochure on voluntary extra contributions

Forms for voluntary extra contributions

Payment address of Novartis Pension Funds

Order to debit your staff current account