As a rule, based on the law and the provisions laid down in the regulations of Novartis Pension Funds you are entitled to disability benefits if you are at least 40% incapacitated. The decision of the Federal Disability Insurance (IV) is the defining criterion for the recognition of disability and the definition of the degree of disability.

Pension Fund Novartis 1

When sick pay ceases, at the earliest, we shall pay the pension and lump sum provided for in the regulations. The benefits will continue to be paid up to the statutory (AHV) retirement age, at the latest, when they will be replaced by retirement benefits, or until death or recovery of fitness for work.

Pension Fund Novartis 2

Novartis Pension Fund 2 only pays out a lump sum. This is a one-off payment that is transferred with the first disability pension paid by Novartis Pension Fund 1.

Lump sum payment

  • Disability lump sum: In the case of full disability, the disability lump sum corresponds to the retirement capital, at least 400% insured remuneration under the risk plan, at the start of incapacitation.