Reporting a death

The death of a loved one is associated with grief and pain. At the same time, one is confronted with numerous formalities. The following information is intended to help you take the necessary steps with the Novartis Pension Funds.

Notification of Novartis Pension Funds

The death of an associate must be reported to the line manager or the Human Resources department of Novartis.

Once notification has been received, the Novartis Pension Funds will be informed about the death of the associate. We will then contact you in writing and inform you of the next steps.


The pensions consultant of Novartis Pension Funds will be happy to inform you about the requirements for claiming entitlement.

Pension payments

The provisions of the law regarding pension payments are as follows.

  • Spouse’s pension (where applicable also for divorced persons)
  • Domestic partner’s pension
  • Orphan’s pension

Lump sum payments

If an insured person dies before reaching the age of 65, a lump sum on death will be paid out to the beneficiary.

Further information

The provisions for spouses also apply by analogy to persons in a registered partnership as defined in the Partnership Act (PartG).

Information sheet on domestic partner’s pension
Form – support agreement
Form – sequence of beneficiaries